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In A World Of Influencers, Your Mind Is The Biggest One!

In A World Of Influencers, Your Mind Is The Biggest One!

An influencer is a slang term for someone impacting what others see, feel, and emulate based on their influence as an expert or role model. In the social media world, influencers set trends, promote what’s popular, and make an impact on how others behave.

In your private world, away from social media and outward influences, you have a bigger influencer impacting your decisions… your mind!

Your mind is the biggest influencer you have. Our minds directly impact how our bodies look and feel. In fact, a lot of illnesses are generated in the mind rather than in the body.

When you look in the mirror, much of what you see is based on your mind’s influence. Here are a few outward expressions of your innermost thoughts:

  • Your weight
  • Your hairstyle
  • Your clothing choices
  • Even your home décor

You may not have considered that your mind plays a big role in these factors, but it certainly does. Your mind influences your body and your choices.

In the same way your body functions 24/7, your mind is working non-stop. Your mind takes in information and is influenced by:

  • People
  • Culture
  • Experiences
  • Preferences
  • Marketing

Then, your mind influences your body one way or another. Here’s how:


The people in your life affect your thoughts and influence your behavior. If you live amongst toxic people, it can negatively impact your mind and body connection. It’s hard to be your best when you are managing difficult people. Likewise, living among motivated and positive people influences the mind in positive ways that express themselves outward. The result… healthy bodies, healthy self-expression, and healthy environments.


Your culture influences your mind. A culture can be as dynamic as the ethnic culture of where you live, the morals and values of your culture, or the vibe or culture of the city or neighborhood you live in. This culture has a direct influence on your mind and how you express yourself.


Your experiences make a direct impact on your mind. The more positive experiences you have, the more positive your body reacts. In the same way, having too many stressful or negative experiences will influence your mind. Chronic stress is often an outward symptom of inner thoughts of anxiety and fear. This is generally caused by experiences.


What you love – and what you don’t – influences your decisions. From knowing you prefer sweet to salty – or both – to knowing you love high fashion rather than casual wear, your preferences in life influence your outward expressions.


It may hurt to hear this but there’s a really big chance that the hot trends jockeying for your hard-earned dollars were comped – i.e. free – to the person low-key bragging on socials.

We’re talking:

  • The “it” bag you see all the hot movie stars carrying.
  • The affordable, chunky sneakers you can’t believe the millionaires are wearing.
  • The uber lux vacation that popular YouTuber is vlogging.

Well, even if that’s fake, that person worked hard to get where they are and they’ve earned those opportunities. Just like they’ve earned that ripped, shapely figure.

Uh, maybe not?

Cosmetic surgery has come a long way. The hands of a skilled surgeon can do everything from S-Curve to mommy make-overs and even total mouth reconstruction (including grafting bone!).

Before you start comparing yourself to that “perfect” celeb, remember that they are under a lot of pressure to appear flawless. They also have the money, contacts, and incentive to make it happen. They also have amazing glam teams to help cover up any imperfections, add extensions, and help squeeze them into shapewear.

You have your own perfection.

Those eyes you love. Your lips. Your hair. It may not look like someone else’s but is it supposed to? It’s your body!

Wear that shapewear if you want, get that hairstyle, and buy that outfit if you want but remember that it’s your uniqueness that makes you different, that makes you YOU. If someone won’t appreciate that, then it seems they have a problem because the problem is surely NOT you.

In a world of influencers, your mind is the biggest one you have.

Making sure what you are thinking and how your thoughts impact your body is vital to ensure your body is living its best life, so to speak. Make sure how you are influencing your body comes from a healthy mind.

Wishing you much peace, happiness, and success,

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