Work willingly at whatever you do, as though you were working for the Lord rather than for people.Colossians 3:23

Before anything else, I’m a mom who calls the 3rd coast – the Gulf Coast – home. After that, I’m a writer, podcaster, and homeschooling entrepreneur on a mission to earn as many certifications as possible. Not to brag I have them but because I just get fascinated by something and then go down rabbit holes of research. lol

Fitness Is A Mirror

It’s taken me four – yes, FOUR – decades to accept that fitness is a mirror for whatever is going on inside of me. Whether it’s emotional, mental, spiritual, or sexual, it WILL manifest itself physically somehow. The same is true in reverse.

If I’m having more than one debilitating migraine in a week, it’s probably because didn’t drink enough water, had too much caffeine or sugar, am stressed, got overstimulated (too much sound/light/people chaos at once), haven’t used the bathroom as much as I should, or am reacting to an additive in something I ate.

Usually, it’s a combo of two or more of those.

When my energy is down, it’s usually because of any or all the above PLUS I haven’t been as active as my body needs. That may sound crazy because you’d think rest would be the solution but nope. Heart-pumping, muscle twitching, deep breathing movement provides the kind of relief that I can only describe as ahhhhhh.

Your Mind Is Your Friend (And Your Enemy)

In seventh grade, I was told I should never run or jump or twist again because my spinal cord will get caught in my damaged vertebrae and paralyze me for the rest of my life. I wasn’t the best cheerleader or volleyball player or track athlete but it sucked to find out I was never supposed to be active again.

As many of you can relate, that wasn’t the only gut-punch life had in store for me.

As a result, I now find myself struggling to deal with the physical manifestations of PTSD, anxiety, depression, and disordered eating. My body has carried me through so much and I need to start taking care of it.

This blog – this journal – is a compilation of things I’ve researched for my own benefit, a way to record my self-healing, and hopefully, the inspo you need to start or continue your own fitness journey.

Because fitness is more than just physical.

Wishing you much peace, happiness, and success,