Delicious Store-Bought Smoothies And Shakes – At Home!

Don’t give up your smoothie or shake habit.
Replace it with a better, healthier version!

Have you ever tried making your own, homemade smoothies or shakes but come away disappointed and discouraged? Maybe you gave in to temptation and guiltily snuck in a drive-thru quickie. It’s sooo yummy but Lord have mercy! All those calories, additives, preservatives, syrup flavor, etc. etc. really bring you down.

Store-Bought Deliciousness – At Home!

Ya’ll, I have to – and I mean HAVE – to share my accidental discovery with you. Yes, I know it’s all over the internet but you never really know if that recipe is actually going to taste as good as they claim. (I’m looking at you vegan pancake recipe posters!)

It was CJ’s turn to cook dinner and well, he didn’t want to. So we brainstormed other ideas. Neither of us had hit even half of our 21 Day Fix portion container allowances so anything would have been good right then and there. He wondered out loud if we could have shakes. I thought about it like any concerned mom would and poof! I figured why not add our purple (fruit) containers in as well? That’s when we discovered …

You can TOTALLY make that delicious store-bought smoothie or shake at home with just a few ingredients and a blender. No. Freakin’. Joke!

Supplies / Ingredients

  • Vanilla Shakeology (Vegan is available!)
  • Frozen fruit of your choice. (Purple containers.)
  • Coconut water or milk. (If desired.)
  • Blender

Put 8 ounces of either coconut water or coconut milk in the blender. Add your frozen fruit. Top with 2 scoops of vanilla Shakeology. Blend.

Holy frothy goodness, Batman!

The coconut water is great for smoothies! Use room temperature or refrigerated fruit for a more liquid texture and frozen fruit if you like the thicker version.Sort of like adding melted vanilla ice cream into your smoothie to make a delicious shake! The coconut milk will make the richer and give it a tiny bit of a coconut-y aftertaste. (Add more fruit if you’d like to disguise it more.)

⚠️ Warning ⚠️

These smoothies are deliciously addicting but according to the vegan 21 Day Fix food list, we can only have coconut water or milk three times per week. Don’t worry though! These bad boys taste AMAZING with plain filtered water too!

🎤 This Is How We Do It 🎶

We blend our smoothies and shakes individually because we want to make sure we each hit our 21 Day Fix portions but you can make yours a family treat if you want to. We prefer to use Pur filtered water and frozen fruit to have all the thick frothiness without killing our portions and save the coconut water for treat days (3x week!).

Wishing you much peace, happiness, and success,
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Pearl Lane-Soliz

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