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#TotalMommyMakeover Round 1, Week 3

I’d Rather Modify Than Quit. It’s time for me to admit something rather painful: I’m not as young as I used to be. Actually, I am not so much bothered by my age. I know I don’t look… Read More

#TotalMommyMakeover Round 1, Week 2

Scrapped. This week we learned something really important: what you don’t prioritize, you won’t do. We started out like a wobbly racehorse leaving the gate and collapsed before the week was halfway through. We weren’t taking our nutrition… Read More

#TotalMommyMakeover Round 1, Week 1

#TotalMommyMakeover Round 1, Week 1

Start Where You’re At. Okay, I know I’m out of shape but darn it, I’m still pretty flexible! For crying out loud, I can go beyond touching my toes and place my hands flat on the floor. So… Read More