#TotalMommyMakeover Round 1, Week 1

#TotalMommyMakeover Round 1, Week 1

Start Where You’re At.

Okay, I know I’m out of shape but darn it, I’m still pretty flexible! For crying out loud, I can go beyond touching my toes and place my hands flat on the floor. So I thought that I’d just be dealing with sore muscles.


I almost threw up while doing Day 1’s Total Cardio Fix!

First I got dizzy. So I put the weights down and kept going with the modifier. Then I started to get that tummy swirling feeling and had to stop before anything came up.


The exercises themselves aren’t crazy hard. I’m just really out of shape. Apparently.

However, I called this #MyMommyMakeoverChallenge for a reason: it’s a challenge. I knew I was going to struggle with something and probably someone (me). So I gave myself permission to use the modifier and to modify the modifier if I had to. The point is that this isn’t a one-time deal.

Don’t be embarrassed about having to use a modifier now and then (or all the time, at first!). I confess that I quit the first time I tried 21 Day Fix. That was about 2 years ago. Imagine where I’d be now if I’d cared less about where I started and more about where I wanted to be. #DecideCommitSucceed

This is Round 1 of an infinite number of rounds. I’ll get better with time. For now, this is how I’m doing:

Round 1, Week 1 Report

Sunday, November 18, 2018
Forgot all about my self-declared start date. What more can I say? I totes did not even have one thought about it!

Monday, November 19, 2018
Total Body Cardio Fix

Decided not to waste another day. Roped my 16yo son into doing a 21 Day Fix challenge with me. My 4yo daughter watched and commented. Later, she did a little yoga on her own. The coffee-flavored Shakeology I ordered made my tummy feel icky. I didn’t like the flavor either. I was told the vegan options taste REALLY good and adding a few extra fruit pieces in there would make it even better. #ToDo

Tuesday, November 20, 2018
Upper Fix

My son and I did today’s workout with mostly positive emotions. There was a little complaining about soreness but nothing major. Workout went surprisingly quickly. Tried to drink the Shakeology – I don’t like to waste things – but I got that odd nauseated feeling and bloatiness again. I think I’m going to stop trying and just order a new flavor. I like the idea of a superfood shake and let’s be honest, the last thing I want to do after working out is put effort into plating and chewing food. [I know, I know! Lazy butt!]

Wednesday, November 21, 2018
Lower Fix

My son and I are sore but we did today’s workout. We laughed at how we had to modify our movements to do things like sit down or get off the floor afterward. (Hint: Team building faith-drop and flop like a fish.)

BTW, there is apparently such a thing as too many yams. Nooo! What energy the soreness left over was taken by the yams. They held my tummy (and me by extension) hostage! That pre-Holiday trip to the library and the grocery store for last-minute items? Ha. We were late and it was crowded.

On the Shakeology front, I’ve sent a message to my coach asking about ordering advice. Multi-pack vs. single pack and recommended flavor combos considering my issues We’ll see what he says.

Walking around the grocery store actually helped alleviate almost all of the soreness! Try it and see how it works for you!

Thursday, November 22, 2018
Pilates Fix

(My favoritest day! ❤️) The unintentional walking yesterday REALLY HELPED! CJ and I woke up to minimal soreness and about 99.5% full range of motion. No more faith-falling backward to sit or flopping like a fish out of water to get back up. Woot!

On the “oh poop!” side of things, I almost gave up on getting today’s workout done. Yeah, it turns out there’s a reason why Exercise is accounted for in the Miracle Morning. CJ and I were off on our energy levels (per usual) and frittered the day away. I waited for him in the morning, he waited for me in the afternoon. We finally squeezed the Pilates into our Ta Da (to do, done) list sometime around 5pm.

It was a “do it now or it doesn’t get done” moment and I’m proud of us for doing it. We did it because we decided we were committed. We’ll just have to git ‘er done earlier from now on. #DecideCommitSucceed

There was no walk today and we felt it. We started getting a little stiff and achy again. The walking thing will need to be a daily event – somehow. With the weather changing, we’re getting the cooler weather storms and on/off rain. I don’t want us out there, getting sick, but a walk is an easy, healthy way to ease our beginner workout-er pains.

Skylar kept saying we were doing karate and imitating Autumn, walking around, giving instruction. 🤣

Friday, November 23, 2018
Cardio Fix

Umm, we unintentionally skipped out on this one. We didn’t do our workout first thing as part of our Miracle Morning and the day just flew by!

Saturday, November 24, 2018
Dirty 30

Same as yesterday. 😢

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